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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


‘Outing’, power and ego trips

Recent developments with more ‘traditional’ media have left me with a rather sour taste in my mouth. Take for example the ‘Outing’ of ‘Abby Lee’, anonymous author of ‘Girl with a one track mind’. As you can see from the sidebar I have a link to her blog which I personally find enlightening, funny, sharply observed and often profound. She writes with honesty and freshness that allow new insights into her subject matter. She’s good, very good. Buy her book.

Recently a ‘journalist’ published the ‘real’ name of Girl. (Please note the inverted commas - I personally do not consider real Journalism to be associated with this kind of prurience, publishing her name is not journalism, it is merely pandering).

May I ask what purpose publishing her real name serves? To whose benefit? What ‘moral code’ allows them to do this? Does the publication have any real morals at all? (Probably not) After all, 'Girls' behaviour (No book signings, no public appearances) does not, on the surface at least, appear to indicate that she is a seeker of ‘Celebrity’. Quite the opposite.

My answer is that this can only be a power trip on the part of the ‘reporter’ and publication concerned. I’m not even going to dignify them with the benefit of a name check. As far as I can see, the only reason to ‘out’ Girl is ‘Look how powerful we are – we know where you live’ on the part of the offending organ. Perhaps I am over simplifying the arguments, but as far as intellectual shorthand will do, it will suffice.

The offending publication will of course defend their action with the old ‘public interest’ excuse, but come on lads; we know what you’re really up to. You want to show how big and clever you are with a ‘lets fuck someone’s life over’ power trip and ad hominem attack. Right. Very funny. Very clever. Now piss off back to kindergarten, because this is where you must live; down with the lowest common denominator.

Am I also missing something here? Doesn’t the much maligned ‘Human rights act’ have a clause about the right to a private life? Is there scope for a class action against the publication concerned? If so, I’m willing to contribute a few quid for the legal fees. Anyone else?


If this blog ever appears in dead tree version (Which may or may not happen in the next few months – watch this space), any intrusive ‘journalists’ will have their work cut out. Theirs is no longer the only public forum. Perhaps this is what they are afraid of?

Abby Lee. You are not alone. You have more friends than you know.


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