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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Emotional Carpentry

Things in the Sticker household have settled down now. I and my (Much) better half have kissed and made up. We accepted that I had to step away from the keyboard for a few days while we spent some quality time together mending our respective fences. Hence the lack of posts as I’ve used the emotional energy for more important purposes (The last two sentences were meant to form an extended pun. Fences? Posts? - Oh please yourselves.).

This is not to say that lots of stuff hasn’t been going on, just that I’ve been too busy with more important matters of the heart to write about them. A choice had to be made; which was more important, my relationship or my work? I think I chose correctly.

This is not to say that the blog will suffer as the general dyslexic with whom I deal on a daily basis provide me with more than enough material in half a shift to keep the blog running at full tilt.

Normal service will resume shortly.


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