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Sunday, February 26, 2006


Good for them!

As a one time ‘Green’ activist, (In the days of my callow youth) I left the membership of an environmental political party because it had been infiltrated by extreme elements of the Animal Rights movement. In the intervening twenty years I have seen the environmentalist cause increasingly devalued by the antics of the extremists. Bearing this in mind I would like to extend a hearty ‘Walking the Streets’ vote of confidence in the new ‘Pro-Test’ movement. I say ‘good for them’ in their opposition to the eco-nazis.

From a personal perspective, I finally fell out of love with the Environmental movement when Greenpeace started using spin and half truths to bolster their case during the Brent Spar campaign. Sad to say, I cancelled my direct debit contribution as soon as their untruthfulness was fully exposed.

With regard to Animal experimentation, I have always viewed it as a necessary evil. We need to test new drugs and compounds to treat illness and new medical techniques. Analogue and Computer simulations are nowhere near sophisticated enough at present to test new medicines. Nor does it look like they will be for the near future, so we are stuck with testing these new substances on live animals, because only they can provide the evidence necessary for accurate (ish – because nothing is an exact science.) evaluation of new drugs and treatments.

To be honest, I don’t see why these Animal Rights lobby have so much influence but for the fact that they use tactics developed by the followers of Lenin and Trotsky to terrorise, undermine and destabilise. These tactics range from half truths, exaggerations, misrepresentation and outright falsehood coupled with intimidation and violence. Like most petty schoolyard bullies they rarely attack unless they have overwhelming numerical advantage, and cry ‘foul’ very loudly indeed when caught out or beaten up themselves. They counter dissent against their views with venom and threats. Yet their numbers are remarkably small for the amount of influence they have exerted heretofore.

There now seems to be a cogent co-ordinated counter movement; started by a 16 year old student on the Internet no less. Holding their first ever anti Animal Rights demonstration they even outnumbered the Animal Rights counter demonstration by about three to one. Even though certain sources claimed that the Animal Rights demonstrators had to be bussed in and threats against Oxford student accommodation had been made. Predictably, Death threats have already been made against the 16 year old founder of ‘Pro-Test’.

The overall truth of the matter is that the Animal Rights movement is weak, based on weak, anthropomorphic premises. Numerically it is weak but it’s voice is strong because it is willing to be ruthless, heartless and ironically more cruel than the object of its protest.

Please send all death threats to where they will be examined and held up to ridicule. Their poor spelling and grammar will also be a source of much innocent merriment.

Pro-Test is getting blogrolled for standing up and doing the decent thing.

See the sidebar under 'Political'


Pro-Test appear to be building a new site, so I've edited the link and will keep an eye on it.


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