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Friday, February 24, 2006


What do you say? (Rant corrected)

What do you say to a house guest who swans into your living room and insists on rearranging the furniture to suit themselves to the detriment of others?

What do you say to a house guest who finds your means of entertainment so objectionable that they try to turn off your TV and unplug your Internet connection?

What do you say to a house guest who objects to you having a bacon sandwich or any other food ‘they’ don’t approve of?

What do you say to a house guest who demands that your kids can only do what they say, when they say?

What do you say to a house guest who insists upon their own way and are willing to intimidate other members of your family in order to get it?

What do you say to a house guest who insists you only talk about things they personally approve of and behaves violently when you say something they don’t like?

What do you say when said house guest is a member of your immediate family / socio-religious group?

What would you say to such people?

What stimulated my rant was this article (Many thanks to Bina Lobster for the link.). Such bad behaviour from a guest in my house / country means that they should be shown the door quickly. Nor should they ever be invited over the threshold again. In my book, whilst a host should always be mindful of the majority of their guests, conversely a guest should always remember that he / she is a guest and, within reason, respect the beliefs / customs of others. A guest should always try and behave so that they do not offend local custom, do it in the street and frighten the children and pensioners. This goes as much for Britons abroad as to new citizens at home in Britain.


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