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Sunday, February 12, 2006


Conspiracy to end British democracy?

Now I may only be a Parking Enforcement Officer employed by a Local Authority, but there are two items which need everyone’s attention, and which threaten to sneak in ‘under the wire’, effectively castrating democracy in the UK. Even to me, the timing of this whole business with first the Danish cartoons and now the footage of some allegedly British Soldiers giving some alleged Iraqis a good kicking seems all too convenient. Both are sopping up a lot of media coverage and are ‘Convenient for burying bad news’.

The first item of bad news is the "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill", (Read it here) which is a sneaky little bit of legislation which, if passed, would empower a ‘Minister of the Crown’ to pass legislation without recourse to Parliament or the House of Lords. This means that the Lords could not stop another piece of poorly thought through, badly drafted legislation from going straight onto the statute books. Say the ID cards bill, hey, what about that? Maybe legislation which would effectively muzzle the last of free speech in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? Perhaps voicing concerns over any of the Governments policies might effectively become a criminal offence? Who knows what the clones of Westminster have up their sleeves? Effectively this would mean rule by diktat and bye-bye democracy. Read ‘Spy blog’ for a more informed view.

The second piece of legislation that I would like to draw peoples attention to is the attempt to cancel 2007 local council elections. Mind you, there seem to be two voices issuing from the Government on this one. Listen to David Milliband and apparently he says it’s all nonsense, but read a communiqué from John Prescotts office and it’s virtually a done deal.

Lobby your MP. Now. Get his / her e-mail address and pester them to death to kill these bills. I have already been pestering mine. Pass it on.


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