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Monday, February 13, 2006


If you voted for these New Labour clowns…....

Hang your head in shame. The Tories may have been scandal ridden and fragmented, but at least they didn’t want to manage every aspect of your life. I predict that the ID cards bill will end up being railroaded through the Lords by the Parliament act.

Maybe the only way to get around these ID cards is a campaign off mass civil (And possibly uncivil) disobedience. It killed the poll tax, which I personally didn’t mind paying. So why not ID cards?

On the other hand, the scheme is so seriously flawed that it will end up in huge backlogs, errors, hacks and ID theft, so why am I even bothering to get uptight about it? It’s doomed from its very inception, like all these top down ‘one size fits all’ schemes. I’m just not going to play ball. Any Bank or building society that insists on seeing mine will be refused my business. How about that Banks? If enough of us say ‘No’ it’ll (If you’ll pardon the pun) bankrupt the buggers. I’ll go private for healthcare and inform anyone I deal with that they can expect to be sued to bankruptcy if any of my details are passed on to the National Identity Agency (Or any connected body). Any shop that wants to see it will find a heap of unpaid for shopping sitting on the checkout and possibly all over the Manager; and that’s only if I can’t make it out of this country by the end of 2008. Hey, maybe I’ll try to get into Canada or the USA seeking political asylum because the British system wants to ‘criminalise’ me.

Never mind. Costs will spiral out of control. ID theft will be rampant. Terrorism won’t be affected one jot. Then opponents of the bill will be able to take a few scalps. To quote a very old Scottish friend of mine. “It’ll all end in tears – No’ be mine.”

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