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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Normal service…

I’m feeling a bit peaky and run down (As in ‘By a truck’) at the moment. The winter lurgi has settled on my chest and I’m coughing all over the damn place like a latter day plague spreader. Funnily enough, the healthiest place for me to be is out in the fresh (ish) air where I spend most of my working time anyway. Unfortunately the knock on effect is that I get home exhausted and tend to slump into a chair and snore at the first opportunity, until a coughing fit wakes me up. Mrs Sticker leaves me alone because she knows I’m grumpy as hell when I’m feeling poorly. She just hands me the vitamin C and lets me get on with it. Even the Dog is hiding in his basket and the kids are nowhere to be seen.

Nothing much of substance has happened to me in the past day or so, so there’s no tales of erstwhile derring-do to relate. Some people have complained to me about getting a ticket, but the moment I start hacking away they fade into the background.

Thinking about it, there seems to be a strong correlation of weather to Parking Tickets. The warmer the weather, the more contraventions to be ticketed. More on this at a later date.

Do not read this bit if you are in favour of a British Republic.

There’s been a fair bit in the British media about Prince Charles and his pirated journal. Guess who published parts of it? Without payment as usual one surmises. Mister Windsor got the hump over private correspondence being chucked into the public domain without so much as a bye, leave or thankyou and is suing. Good for him. Wish him well and hope the publication concerned gets hammered for serious breach of copyright.

As one who believes everyone with a cognisant voice should be allowed free reign; I say, rock on HRH. I’m with Boris Johnson on this one. As for publicising his views from his private journal; if Prince Charles had wanted to publicise his views this widely he’d have started a blog, wouldn’t he?

In response to an e-mail request from Robin Koerner an interesting link to Watching America. Am also reposting the link to Michael Yon's blog from the front line in Iraq as it seems to have got lost in the HTML.


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