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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Through a mirror, blankly….

Today I got a bit of a fright. Nothing anyone else did, no outside threat, no insult ruffled the placid lake of my inner calm. What stirred urgent ripples within me was a fleeting glimpse of something darkly unpleasant.

I saw my own eyes in a mirror.

No wonder no one gives me much aggro, it was like staring down the barrels of a shotgun from the business end. Put the fear of me into me I can tell you.

What really scared me was the implacable, blank lack of mercy I saw looking back from the other side. It was in total contrast to the me I’m used to, the warm, humorous and often sharply flippant core me. Do other people see this? If so, some of the nervous behavioural responses I get from some members of the public make sense.

No one likes to glimpse the scales and claws of their inner beast. This disturbs me deeply. I think some serious leave is called for.


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