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Thursday, January 26, 2006


The joy of socks

I write in praise of the humble sock. To be specific, a charcoal grey sports sock marketed by Marcus Expensius with ‘Sports support’ and ‘Stayfresh’ technology. For the past week or so I have been road testing a pair (At the rate of one fresh pair a day) of said socks. At a special offer price of ten quid for five pairs, I consider it money well spent on a commendable product. (For those so inclined, the in house product code is T103391 for the standard three pack.)

The Bill Sticker verdict; very comfy, sufficiently warm (Wearing safety boots) in sub zero weather and with a little elasticated medial arch support. What is more, zero sweatiness and foot odour, which has heretofore been a source of some little discomfiture to the delicate sensibilities of the household females. One is well chuffed with them (The socks I mean).

Writing as one who wears through socks at the rate of two pairs a month, these seem to stand up to the footslogging quite adequately. Not only that but they can double for business use as well. Style and length mean that they are not likely to end up in someone else’s sock drawer, with killer roadholding (No slip sliding away in these babies.)

Overall; lighter and more comfortable than the military issue wool socks I have been wearing for winter use, these work out as pretty good value for money. Cotton only socks fade away in less than six weeks, but I expect to have all five pairs of these in use this time next year.

An 8/10 is hereby awarded.

P.S: This blog entry was not sponsored by anyone, but I am open to commercial offers should any arise, hint, hint.
P.P.S: Mrs Sticker has reminded me in no uncertain terms that it was her dragging me into said emporium at near gunpoint. It was also her suggestion that these particular small items of apparel should be purchased. Now. Right this minute Bill or you’re sleeping downstairs with the dog. I mean it. Those feet of yours put ripe gorgonzola to shame.


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