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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Ghost town

Late night patrol through deserted streets. The whole town is quiet it seems apart from the odd bunch of noisy kids and takeaway carrying adults. With a few blue tinted lights and a couple of dry ice machines, you could have filmed an entire episode of Dr Who without interruption.

At one stage I go so bored that I spent half an hour in one of the local 24 hour service stations reading the Motorcycle magazines. I know the cashier there, so he wasn’t too bothered.

Recently we’ve been told from on high that patrolling alone after nightfall can be done (In other words must be done.). Funny that, in our patrol manual it says that health and safety rules say that no lone Parking Enforcer may patrol and book on street after dark. I suppose the higher ups are waiting for one of us to get hospitalised before they slap a disciplinary on the injured party for breaking health and safety procedures.

For my own part, I’m not too worried, being mostly big enough and tough enough to look after myself. On the other hand, one of these days I suppose my luck will run out and four or five people intent on kicking nine shades of shinola out of a Parking Enforcer for fun will get the drop on me. Then no doubt it will be a case of Management blaming me for getting into the mess in the first place and docking my sick pay to boot. However; if I successfully defend myself and my assailants get hurt, no doubt my employers will hang me out to dry when I get done for GBH. They’re soo caring.

Hey ho the merry-oh. Until the writing starts to pay full time, I suppose the dice will have to keep on rolling.


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