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Thursday, December 08, 2005


New Supervisor

Today has been manic. Town centre beat and two Christmas markets to contend with. No Police or PCSO’s about, apparently they had more important things to do, so we Parking Enforcement Officers were left as the only uniformed presence around, if you exclude the Salvation Army band.

New supervisor started last week and today came up with his master plan. His grand design is to drive around the streets in our van looking for contraventions and directing us via radio. Right. Okay. So he gets to sit on his fat arse while we have to damn near run everywhere. I know my job keeps me fit with all this walking, but I’m drawing the line at having to jog every bloody where.

At this point, Kerry our Line Manager, bless all of her ten tiny little toes, vetoed the idea on the grounds that driving her workforce into the deck wasn’t exactly a brilliant idea.
“But it’ll increase productivity!” Complains new Supervisor.
“For a week before everyone goes off sick.” Counters Kerry. Obviously the new Supervisor wants to ‘make his mark’ and doesn’t see how hard we already work, well most of us anyway.

Personally, I think he’s been secretly brainwashed by Senior Manager who has hypnotised him into thinking we can catch every possible parking contravention there is. We know that the average ‘ticket rate’ is one per hour. New supervisor seems to think he can double it by dropping us at ‘Trouble spots’. Not without getting us all hung drawn and quartered by an angry mob of motorists methinks.

Besides, we’ve put a lot of hard work into getting ourselves tolerated by the vast majority of motorists in our little corner of Chavland. On occasion we even get offered free stuff (Free snacks, coffee, that sort of thing) from certain businesses and individuals, which we have to turn down as this could be construed as taking a ‘bribe’ and means instant dismissal. I can see the point but you’d think Management would ease up once in a while. We do have one or two bad apples in the barrel, but does that mean we all get tarred with the same brush? There’s a cake shop in town whose proprietor always invites me in if I’m on that beat, but I have to refuse.

I need this job. Surprisingly enough I actually like it as well.

New supervisor wants to be a ‘new broom’ and increase the number of tickets. He thinks he can do it sitting on his fat arse in a van. Been there, done that. Sounds good in theory, but in practice you get high rates of staff burnout and sick days which are counter productive. We’re not supermen, we’re a diverse bunch of humans who like being out in the open air and walking a lot. If we have to hand out parking tickets to errant drivers, so be it. New Supervisor may end up getting told to stick it where the sun shineth not.


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