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Sunday, April 17, 2005



Welcome back to the Bill Sticker manifesto. If you can be arsed to read all this blather, prey continue (That is not a spelling mistake).

Legislation which the Bill Sticker party would amend / repeal upon being elected;

Human Rights act – Too open to abuse by the unscrupulous.
Civil Contingencies Act – No government should have the right to suspend democracy – if it has then we are no better than some third rate banana republic and no longer a democracy.
Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 – Too much power concentrated in one place
The Work & Pensions act 2002 – no more Pension Fund ‘tax raids’
Immediate restoration of the principles of double Jeopardy and Habeas Corpus.

Legislation which the Bill Sticker party would introduce;

A succinctly written framework constitution in plain English covering exactly what Governments can and cannot do.

Financial legislation covering;


1. Parliament & Public Sector;

All MP’s and public representatives (From Local Councillor to Peer in the Upper House) of whatever status to not receive any monies from the public purse by way of a pension at the end of their elected term in office. The same principle to apply to those who have served as government ministers. Members of Parliament are to be responsible for accruing their own pensions out of their own salaries, same as the rest of us. This provision to include the Judiciary, as they get paid well enough and should be independent of any potential political threat to their pension status.

The same scheme to apply to all members of whichever house of Parliament retrospectively. That’ll larn ‘em.

2. General Pension Funds & Savings

No tax whatsoever to be levied upon personal or private pension funds unless they are drawn as a lump sum prior to retirement age, in which case any profits from such schemes to be taxed as unearned income. Company pension funds to be held in separate accounts which cannot be accessed by anyone but the beneficiaries or the fund loses its tax exempt status. Company executives who attempt to ‘milk’ said funds to be charged with fraud and embezzlement.

No tax to be levied upon private savings accounts if said savings account has no withdrawals for a ten-year period.


(i) Disability pensions awarded by court for personal / industrial injury
(ii) Private, non judicially awarded personal / industrial injury pension

If this doesn’t make saving for your pension attractive – I don’t know what will.

3. Taxation

Love it or hate it – someone has got to pay for everything. However, as only British Citizens will be eligible for Social Security benefits / free NHS treatment, the overall burden of taxation should be much reduced. All non British Citizens will have to be funded via private insurance or their own countries arrangements.

‘Ring fencing’ of taxation monies

National Insurance contributions to be used solely for the purposes of funding pensions and the NHS, as originally envisaged.

Road fund licence & tax on fuel. Exclusively for the upkeep / policing / building of the public road / rail infrastructure. Removal of the fuel tax ‘escalator’. Reduction of fuel tax duty from the current level @ 47p per litre to 30p per litre. Tax breaks for manufacturers / distributors of low emission vehicles.

Sliding scale of road fund licence based on cubic size of vehicle and engine size. Sure you can have that big silly 4x4 with the three-litre engine, but expect to cough up serious pennies for the road space. Same for trailers.

Income tax for the general taxation fund.

With a significant lowering of taxation demand caused by a considerably lowered contribution to the EU – VAT may be significantly reduced / abolished leading to a lower cost of living for UK Citizens.

Local Taxation;

With a reduced need for EU directive related enforcement / monitoring required, a much reduced administrative overhead is anticipated. Whilst local taxes may not have any immediate significant reduction, the overall effect will be one of halting the above inflation Council Tax rises.

As for Unemployment, NHS and the Environment – wait for the third and final pre election blog entry sometime in the next ten days. It’ll be a stoater.

If anyone asks, you heard it here first.


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