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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Morals and philosophising

Have spent the last two hours deep in conversation with Mrs S about our respective roles in life. Both of us have a problem with the low level of perceived intelligence and integrity in the UK’s general populace. She from her work perspective, I from mine.

We have both come to the conclusion that we are both hopelessly naive and set our moral sights way too high. Both of us are, by even my Fathers exacting standards, quite moral people. We are good, insofar as ‘good’ can be described as neighbourly, law abiding and as honest as it is safe to be in these corrupt and lowbrow days. “Whoa, hang on a minute Bill; ‘corrupt and lowbrow’, aren’t you going off the deep end a bit too readily?” Chimes in my internal dialogue.
“No, I don’t think so.” Is my internal response.

My proof is as follows; Behaviour is corrupt because of the culture of ‘instant gratification’ that has grown up since the 1950’s, a child of the Cold war with it’s fear of nuclear obliteration. Many people want everything right NOW. They want perfect bodies because the glossies tell them that will make them happy. They want perfect sex because they think it will make them happy. They want perfection in their views because perfection means that they will not have to think any more, and that will make them happy. The more they want, the more lowbrow and depraved their behaviour becomes. Lust and gratification replace love. False hysteria replaces real emotion. Sugar and chocolate fed ‘rushes’ replace our need for satisfaction. In the end it all descends into a kind of solipsism where only ones immediate desire counts. It all falls apart when each gratification palls in the face of mindless repetition. Virtues such as intelligence and neighbourliness are unfashionable and sneered at whilst crass ignorance and selfishness are applauded. The words loyalty, love, strength and honesty become just platitudes regurgitated by politicians in their search for power.

If it sounds like I’m ranting – well you’re dead right there. I’m sick of it all, and I’m going to make a difference tomorrow – even if my only weapon is a penalty charge notice. For the time being.


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