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Friday, April 15, 2005


Et in excretis ego

Which translates roughly (& politely) as ‘And I also am in trouble’. Never rains but it floods. I don’t think I’m about to be ‘Dooced’, more like ‘traduced’.

A little bird (Or a big ugly vulture – if you catch my drift) has been fluttering around making noises about ‘cost overruns’ and ‘revenue decreases’. A decision has been made. A list of names has been compiled, and guess what? Despite consistent good performance, old 515 (me, Bill Sticker) is on that list. Mainly because the powers that be seem to be working on the ‘Last in – first out’ principle. Oo-er. Could all be bollocks of course, but I’ve seen Pete our Union rep and he's seriously worried about something. Hmm. I think I’m going to need a new job – fast. Time to call in a few favours and sort out me references don’cher’know.

This blog may be coming to an end far sooner than anticipated when it will become the "diary of an ex Traffic Warden" (All right, all right, stop cheering.).


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