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Wednesday, March 02, 2005


On line polls

In a poll on the Spectator web site this week the lead article by Douglas Hurd accuses parts of the media of trying to run the country by warping stories to their own agenda. He asks; “How low can the BBC sink?” Well we know the answer to that one – all the way baby. Down there with the Titanic. Even Terry Wogan has had a pop.

What was more interesting than the article itself is the on line poll attached. At the moment of writing, 87% of readers agreed with his contentions. So I’m not alone then.

Along the same tack, have taken a straw poll in our street, in return my neighbours had a whinge at me about the level of non resident illegal parking. “What are your guys doing Bill?” was one of the questions.
“Can’t do much.” Quoth yours truly. “It all happens late at night after us Traffic Wardens are tucked up safely in bed, dreaming of portable car crushers.” (Make something out of that Sigmund Freud.)
“We can’t park outside our own houses Bill. Have a word will you?”
“All right, all right. I’ll see what I can do.” Say I, knowing I’ll be hamstrung by the rules and regulations.

I mooted the idea of letting me do a little ‘after hours’ work due to public demand on my own street. Sure enough, this notion was stamped on by the powers that be. “Noo, we can’t do that Bill. There’d be hell to pay.” Spake my source.
“So no chance of booking bad guys outside my own front door on double yellows?” I asked. “Or maybe just an advisory notice?”
“In a word. No.” Was the reply.Here’s me thinking I was an Officer upholding the parking laws for the public good. Silly old me. So much for the power of Public Opinion.


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