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Thursday, February 16, 2006



To all you folks who left comments about Wednesdays post saying I did the right thing. A number of you picked up on what I said about stepping outside my remit. I’d just like to clarify why these things were well outside my duties and why I might get into trouble. The events in the post really took place, but I (As usual) changed a few details so that I can’t be readily identified from those events and places.

  • We are not supposed to even touch a vehicle (Unless to issue a PCN) in case we are accused of damaging it and the Council gets sued. If the Council gets sued, we get a disciplinary. If we get seen doing it we get a disciplinary. If we or any other party gets injured doing such a thing, the Council does not want to get sued.
  • We are not supposed to touch any person (Even to check if they are alive or dead) in case we get accused of assault and the Council gets sued. Mainly because we have had no Council approved first aid training and are not likely to get any. (For my own part I have had such training in another life, long before circumstance poured me into this role.) Our only official ‘First Aider’ is based at the office and works 9 to 5, so if one of us takes a knock outside of that time – it’s not their responsibility. We are told not to ‘get involved’ because in case of injury to any other party, and the Council doesn’t want to get sued.
  • Entering a vehicle owned by a member of the public which is not insured for Council officers use is not allowed because they (And consequently you) are not insured for ‘Any other vehicle’. You have a thump or scuff their paintwork and the Council could get sued for the damage, even if your personal insurance covers you personally for any third party damage.

All of the above can be construed as ‘Gross Misconduct’ if the Council gets sued, which would allow my employers to summarily dismiss me. Whether they would or not is another matter, as people dying on Council owned property is bad for their image, as is sacking the person who ‘stepped into the breach’, so ironically I probably saved the Council a lawsuit from putative grieving relatives. Not that I’m going to hold my breath for any recognition. (Nor am I going to own up to it either – just in case.) Having read the above; would you?

Incidentally; yes we do have a Union, but sometimes we can be heard wondering aloud if they are worth the membership fees. However, you can understand where this is coming from, if she wasn’t being ironic.

On a lighter note;

'How to clean your toilet' and 'How to give a cat a pill'

Oh yes and a big public ‘Thank you’ to Muttawa – The Religious Policeman for a serious plug in an interview on the blog Cerebral Waste. If any of you thought that all Saudi’s were all highly devout and low on humour – read his blog. It’s a real eye opener. Alternately funnier and more profound than I could ever be.

Hot off the press!

Parking Enforcers to be drafted in to help fight the spread of HN51 Avian flu.

See Manic Mary, our own pocket rocket, in training with new ‘kit’ to deal with those pesky flocks of illegal migrant birds. Tough on Avian flu, tough on the causes of Avian flu. Yay!


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