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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Insults and Jibes

In my job, we put up with abusive and insulting comments shouted from moving vehicles or from the other side of the street (Very rarely close to – How very odd), and I often fall back on this axiom; An insult is like poison – if you don’t drink it, it cannot harm you. Of course it abrades the spirit, but I fall back on the love of my family and friends who help me rise above it all (Mostly; although it would be nice not to have to put up with it at all.). There is even a little competitive storytelling in the mess room as to who has been called what by whom on a particular shift. The most hilarious offerings are chortled about by all of us.

On the subject of ‘insults’ there’s a big storm in a teacup between Denmark and Saudi Arabia because some Danish cartoonist published a cartoon allegedly depicting the Prophet Muhammad (Hang on. If Islam forbids the making of images – how does anyone know it’s him?)with a bomb in his turban (amongst other cartoons). Apparently parts of the Islamic world are in uproar, death threats have been made, marches planned, diplomats recalled and boycotts of Danish companies proposed.

To the ‘offended’ parties I say this; chaps, might I draw your attention to the above axiom. The one about an insult being likened to poison? Same principle applies. If your religion is correct, then all us apostate non-Muslims will burn in hell when we die anyway – so, job done. Why all the fuss? Are you so weak of faith in your God that the slightest criticism has you running for the bomb or the bullet to ‘avenge’ a slight? By taking the ‘insult’ to heart, are you not poisoning yourselves in the eyes of the world?

For my part, I put up with a whole lot worse every day and am not even allowed to respond in kind. Parking Enforcers are routinely vilified, threatened, mocked and assaulted; yet this (Mostly) only steels our resolve to carry on. Are the followers of the great religion of Islam less resolute than we? Don’t be silly. Incidentally, the offending cartoons can be seen at the Brussels Journal. Make up your own minds.

To conclude; I’m glad that the “Religious Hatred Bill” has been sufficiently watered down, but not happy it was thought necessary in the first place.

On a more pleasant note: Welcome to the Sidebar

I’ve been meandering through my webstats and have added to my UK law enforcement blog collection and a few others who link here. Read and enjoy.

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Anyone else want to link? – Let me know. No reasonable request (Or cash offer) refused.

Update: Still want an RFID equipped ID card? Read here first, because the Dutch version has already been cracked. Sometimes you can feel soo smug.


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