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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Rambling ruminations…Glad I don’t own a gun any more

First day off after a too-long stretch of rather boring night patrols (Don’t ask). I’m currently feeling tired and run down (As in by a truck). This time of year it seems that all the baseball capped malefactors are tucked up in their little state subsidised havens with pizza and beer. All we’ve done is go round and round in circles like the famous but now extinct Oozlum bird doing very little.

From our point of view, the streets have been very quiet indeed. The day shift have been complaining that it’s getting tougher to make ‘the averages’ as our superiors call our performance targets. See a car on a restriction? Look at it and it moves off. Either way, the job gets done, but our superiors don’t look at it this way. If you can’t measure it without setting foot on the streets – it doesn’t exist.

On another tack, the talk in the mess room has been of outrage at seeing the violent sentiments being voiced by a vicious alien religious faction who have no more place in a civilised society than catshit on your duvet. If you have cats this may well happen, but it doesn’t mean you have to put up with it. Such occurrences in real life generally result in toe propelled exit of offending moggy stage right at high speed from nearest portal; open or not.

So should it be with the protestors. I understand that the Police aren’t interested in catching the minnows out on the streets while the controlling influences go untouched, but the rest of the populace (Including me) feels seriously threatened by these outbursts. This is the worldview that asks; How come seemingly trivial ‘offences’ like calling a Police Horse ‘Gay’ get the full weight of the judicial system laid against them whilst the hate demonstrators weren’t touched? Even if one of them was a convicted drug dealer who has since been returned to prison. Had it been the BNP or some other ‘subversive’ group, like the Countryside Alliance wholesale arrests could have been expected. Pray tell, why is this?

When you look at the timeline of this cartoon business it seems like the whole row is a stage managed farce. Someone out there wants a stand up proxy fight with the western nations on their own turf. This is their little holy war. Religion has precious little to do with it. Appearing religious does. Wonder where the money is really being fed from?

What really puzzles me is that many of the people who are ‘offended’ came over here to escape repression and build a better life for themselves. Why drag all the old baggage behind you that kept you down in the ‘old country’? This is Britain, and we are supposed to have (Although this has never really been true) a tradition of free speech. This means the right to give offence and be offended without responding with violence? Why come here for the new economic opportunities if you don’t like the culture?

For the moment, I am glad I no longer own a gun, as the current paranoia might tempt me to carry it with me and do something really dumb.


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