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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Told you so

I spent a very smug half hour reading news stories about CCTV cameras last night before my Internet connection fell over because of a rainstorm and faulty installation. Back now, and much faster.

A while back I wrote a blog entry called ‘The truth about CCTV’ and how often it was of little help and why; also why we in Britain have nothing really to fear from the ‘surveillance society’ because of the cock-up factor naturally prevalent in local government operations. Notwithstanding my ex employers pathetic faith in purely technological solutions for law enforcement. In fact I’ve detailed several instances when I’ve had my own problems with certain CCTV operators and their camera systems limited functionality, back in the bad old days when I walked the streets as a Parking Enforcer. I'm not the only one to have written about it, but as one of the many voices shouting 'It doesn't work', I feel vindicated.

Again, thanks to PC Bloggs for the stuff about how bureaucratic procedures get in the way of the greatly feared 1984 ‘surveillance society’. You may be concerned about your every phone call being logged and recorded, but are you sure someone can actually be arsed to listen to the recording? Read ‘em and weep.

Times Online
Guardian Unlimited
Daily Telegraph
Reuters UK
Daily Mail

If that makes you mad, well here’s a calming picture I took from one of my apartment windows in the last half hour. No zoom, and the only photo manipulation done was to shrink the image down to 600 x 446 pixels. The Quail and occasional Cougar are visitors, and I’m told there is a Black Bear in the vicinity. Spooks the dog like nothing on earth.


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