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Thursday, October 18, 2007


Spam filter

Just been clearing out the moral sewer that is my e-mails spam folder. All this effort to flog dodgy kit. I mean to say, who in their right mind believes all this shit anyway? Dodgy viagra, iffy Rolex watches, religion, solicitations from Russian ladies of eager virtue (That isn’t a typo), Chinese porn, Japanese porn, and the occasional once in a lifetime offer from a Nigerian who needs to reclaim two million dollars (tax free of course) in exchange for your bank account details. Never mind all those offers of cheap software, loaded with viruses and malware. Oh what jolly fun.

Just think how poor my existence is without a monster dick, cheap watch, strange belief system, Russian child bride, Sino-Japanese porn addiction all paid for by the guy from Nigeria who only needed to borrow my banking facilities. My credulity has never been so great.

Just as well I’ve got a good spam filter and only need to flush it once a month, isn’t it?

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