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Tuesday, October 16, 2007



Right, I’m back from my travels and travails having finally sorted out an apartment and Internet link out in the boondocks of British Columbia. If you look on the sidebar, you’ll notice quite a few differences. The left hand sidebar has now got a section for publicising books written by fellow bloggers who have made a reciprocal agreement to plug my tome of rabid outpourings and rages against the machine on their sidebars or similar.

Recommended read now added to the sidebar is Nick Edwards “In Stitches – the highs and lows of an A&E Doctor” Don’t be tight – buy a copy, the reviews are good.

As for Anyone out there who still reads my semi literate offerings will also note the change in portrait. Same shape, greyer hair, and now a part time volunteer for the Canadian Red cross. Stepkids are still in England emerging from their adolescent chrysalis’ (Or should that by Chrysali?) to become fully fledged adults via University and College, but they have informed us that they will invade our new home at Christmas with Mother in law and the forces of chaos and darkness in tow.

For me, I’m sharing my new office with the dog and rapidly wearing out the keyboard of my trusty old laptop. Did have a look at a new one, but they all come with sodding Microsoft Vista, which anyone with any brains detests as it tries to do things for you instead of being a sensible operating system and doing what it is told without crashing. If I could lay my hands on a decent copy of WordPerfect’s Office suite I’d ditch Microsoft Office because it lacks certain features I grew to like way back when.

Personally I’m sticking to 2000, which for all it’s vices does not change the settings you so painstakingly configured three hours ago before ‘rolling back’ to it’s default settings like XP and Vista, or crashing twice a day like NT4 (95 or 98SE? – Don’t make me laugh). Did flirt with the idea of going ‘open source’ with Linux and a KDE desktop three years ago (Even thought about a Mac), but that would mean throwing away most of my licensed and properly paid for software. Give me stability every time. Yes, yes, I know that Linux has a wide range of open source application software out there for free, but I’m not that much of a code cruncher, and I’m too bloody lazy to spend that amount of time rebuilding and customising.

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