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Monday, October 01, 2007


The truth about cats and dogs

Passed my RCMP check and have been busy helping out with the Canadian Red Cross. Mrs S likewise.

Our major hurdle has been trying to find somewhere to live. This would not be a problem if we didn't have a dog because so many landlords say "No pets", even to one as obviously cute and well behaved as ours(Apart from being a world champion scrounger and kitchen hanger). That's the problem with having a pet; it either makes a nice between meals snack for some of the bigger wildlife (Plenty of cats go missing, and it ain't roadkill), or nobody wants it anywhere near their property.

Fortunately there are exceptions; and we're waiting for a phone call on one of the nicer places We've had to kiss a lot of frogs to find our preferred place, I'll write about one horror story once I can think about it and keep my breakfast down. It's just the right size for the three of us and my fingers are tightly crossed.

Most apartments and houses over here are priced in the 800-1300 dollar range per month, with and without various things like water, sewerage and electricity paid for. The great news is that there is no extortionate 'council tax' to double up on the bills. You pay for your local services out of local income tax. You also pay for garbage collection separately, but that's cheap as chips compared with the UK.

In closing, another thing I'd like to mention; Rain. It has chucked it down for the past day and a half, but unlike the UK there are few reports of flooding, and no one is panicking. Everyone just carries on. It feels surreal, but maybe that's just me and what I'm used to.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rain? "BC Sunshine" we call it…

Saturday, October 06, 2007 12:02:00 am  

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