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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Where there's smoke

I missed this one, but apparently the forces of repression are already closing in on Jeremy Clarkson for lighting up a pipe of something herbal (Skunk, Ganja, Weed? So long as it ain’t tobacco they haven’t really broken any laws eh?) with fellow presenter James May during a recording of Top Gear.

Even though Clarkson often espouses views opposed to my own, I can’t help admiring the guy for his forthright buffoonery.

Over in BC recently we had a guy on the radio who spoke about immigrants who didn’t want to ‘fit in’ with Canadian society. With John Howard like bluntness he said that people who didn’t want to integrate should go to another country to settle. There were a few calls for his resignation, but his colleagues rallied round and spoke up for him on air. Their mantra was “We have free speech here in Canada. If you don’t like what someone has said – ring in, disagree.“

What a breath of fresh air.

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