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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Dodgy takeaways

One of our guys came back to the mess room in a right state at afternoon tea break a couple of weeks ago. Sweating, shaking, very feverish. He had to be taken home. The day after he phoned in sick with acute food poisoning. A very nasty bout too. He almost ended up in hospital.

Two days later, another one of ours went down late afternoon with the very self same symptoms. A couple of us noticed that they had both done the same beat on the day they went sick. Asif was the first to voice his suspicions. “Here, they must have both had chips from the Tall Street chippy at dinner time”
“Isn’t that owned by that bloke who kept on parking on double yellows outside his shop? Then kept telling the council he owned the double yellows there?”
“Yeah. That daft prat.”
“Yeah, but everyone knows our lot shouldn’t use it.”
He didn’t.” Asif nodded as our oppo was carted off home.
“Gordon Bennet.”
“It’s like you don’t eat at the curry house down on Brixham Road.”
“They don’t like us much there do they?”
“Not really.”
“Did the health inspectors ever catch them?”
“Nah, slippery bastards.”
“Seen him on a restriction recently?”
“He’s changed his car I think.”
“Well, if we see anything around there, we’ll just have to book it.”
“Too right mate. I’m not going to let either of ‘em off when I catch ‘em. Sods.”

Of such small battles is our daily war of attrition on illegal parking constructed.


Anonymous James said...

Hmm... Attempted murder, or just bad cooking?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006 11:44:00 am  

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