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Friday, November 17, 2006


Known face

I reckon this is how the old Peel beat system used to work. You put a bunch of people out on the streets in uniform and send them round the same beats. The locals get to know them and vice versa, boundaries are set and everybody knows where they stand. Usually in a kind of inverted parking Mexican stand off. Erring motorists see us and sod off. We see them on a restriction and know that the driver will be away on his twinkly little radials before you’ve even logged his registration. They constantly push the envelope, and you have to stagger your breaks and alter your routine to catch them out. This has the effect that the restrictions and streets get cleared; especially when I double back and materialise like Dr Who’s Tardis less than five metres away from their vehicle. I’m sure I’ve caused some drivers whiplash injuries by doing this. Gosh, aren’t I a meanie?

Truth is; once you’ve bagged a few of the regular crowd this way, word gets round about what a sneaky bastard you are and the streets stay clear for more than fifteen minutes at a time because it’s really a hard core of repeat offenders who cause all the problems. When that minority knows that you don’t take prisoners, the job gets easier. An implacable countenance helps too. The locals know that you won’t take any nonsense and are less inclined to try it on. This means the number of tickets I have to hand out have gone down appreciably, which does not displease me overmuch. My major problems come from out of towners.

Let’s face it; if my job is truly about prevention and patrol presence, then I’m doing it right. Not that this will ever make Management happy. That would be too much to ask.

Anyway, welcome to another Parking Blogger for the sidebar; C4NKR – Another Parking Attendant.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whats with the whole "Sorry i already started writing the ticket" can you explain that?
I work part time at a restaurant, and sometimes i have to park in the meter area simply because there are no parking spaces available on certain days of the week. I always put a quarter in every hour, but one time, i had a string of customers coming in to be seated, i have 3 phone calls in a roll, all of which happened to be take out orders, and i am also being called by the bar to take checks, not to mention i have to pack to go orders because one was a walk in priority. When i finally got some help i was changing one of my dollars for some quarters when RIGHT then the all important parking enforcer was writing up a ticket for my vehicle. The meter couldn't have been expired by more than 5 minutes. I keep time. -_- she was probably standing there waiting for it to run out. I explain my situation politely, and she just tells me, "sorry but i already started writing the ticket". I don't even know why she stood there listening to everything i had to say in the first place if she was just going to say that. No offense to you personally, but I view parking enforcement as a bullshit job. All these things exist just to fund our wonderful government(the rich white male) . Not that Marines need the money, we can do the job with sticks and stones if we have to. Coming back home to this shit... honestly.. nothing matters to me anymore. I don't have the time to waste by trying to contest this ticket. So excuse me if i just rip up the ticket, and give people who don your uniform a big "FUCK YOU"

Saturday, November 18, 2006 2:06:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"work part time"
so what are you the rest of the time?
Bill earns his living honestly helping keep the roads safe so but out and set up your own space to peddle your views.

Monday, November 20, 2006 8:18:00 pm  

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