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Saturday, July 22, 2006


New boots and panties

It being my day off, I’ve been out shopping with my wife. Apart from other adventures, I’ve been stuck in a pitch dark changing room when the lights went out mid thunderstorm (I was trying on a new shirt and chinos at the time), got soaked to the skin leaving the store in the pouring rain to buy my wife a suitable brolly. I didn’t mind, the warm rain reminded me of a little escapade in Canada a few years back, and the subsequently giggle filled drying off in our motel room (For all you young ‘uns, Sex does not stop after you’re forty. If anything it gets better if you want to put the effort in.).

I’ve just had a nice lazy day. Found an unspent book token and bought a few titles. Particularly taken by Glen Duncan’s ‘I Lucifer’. Excellent writing and a kind of relentless first person narrative that drags you from page to page. According to a quick web search, there’s a movie in production, which if it is anything as entertaining as the book should be worth a laugh or two. Ewan McGregor and Daniel Craig are listed as the stars and Daniel Harris as the Director.

Today has been a bit of a red letter day because I’ve just got a mention in the Daily Telegraph which I’m quite chuffed about. Even though I’m off duty and I’ve got nothing really to post about apart from the effects of a thunderstorm and getting soaked in the rain, I’m feeling pretty darn pleased. Of course all this warm cuddly feeling will go straight down the toilet on Sunday when I’m back at work, but what the hell, you have to make the best of what you’ve got when you’ve got it.


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