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Thursday, June 01, 2006


Why oh why oh why

All right, whose clever idea was it to print pictures of John Prescott playing Croquet instead of running the country? Own up. Which one of you was it? What flaming genius decided that instead of keeping the buffoon safely under effective house arrest at his grace and favour house, Dorneywood, he had to be ‘exposed’? He couldn’t do any damage there could he? Oh no, but some complete dickwit decides that Prescott needs to be ‘doing his job’, no matter how bad he has proved to be at everything else. Bloody hell fire. Dogs, lie, sleeping, let; or is that too much to ask?

May I make a point here; I, and I suspect a great many other people, am happiest when certain politicians are not ‘running things’. I base this assertion on the experience that while they are not poking their overpaid dogma driven noses into every crevice of everyday life, the rest of us can just get on with the business of day to day living and working without undue interference. For this I do not begrudge certain politicans a game of Croquet, Bowls, or whatever. It means that they are not messing around with anything else, setting ‘targets’, paying expensive ‘Consultants’ to come up with whizzy glamorous answers to questions which are far better dealt with locally at the other end of the Management food chain.

I suppose that certain parties think that by bringing Prescott down they will also get rid of King Tony, as the two appear to be joined at the political hip. Don’t see it myself. The words of political doom ‘Has our fullest confidence’ have already been spoken, which means old Prezza is about to go down like the Titanic in very short order. Think not? How many other recent resignations / sackings / reshuffles have been preceded by these very words?

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