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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Dearie me.

Well, there’ve been tears before bedtime in the Sticker household. A single Driving Test cock up cascaded into a driving test failure, despite all the careful preparation. Eldest is inconsolable, so I’m just getting out of her way and letting her get on with it. The house is in uproar and I’m sitting here with the heavy duty headphones on trying to ignore the dog, youngest and eldest. Eldest is upset and takes it out on youngest who has taken to swearing a lot. Need to address that behaviour. In turn the dog gets overexcited and dashes back and forth barking a lot before finally hiding under my desk. For my part I shall go and apologise to my neighbours about the noise later on, but for the moment I’m keeping my head down until this particular mini storm blows itself out. Apparently the chocolate worked a bit, but not enough. Maybe it should have been 70% Cocoa solids Belgian chocolate?

Ah, that’s better, she’s gone out with her mates and the temperature has just dropped. Youngest is watching Big Moron and wife is out flower arranging. Phew. Even the dog has calmed down.

Just as an aside from my domestics, I see another Government Minister has been given the push from his job (Immigration) – then given another post straight away (Police). In the cold harsh realities of the real world, if you screw up so badly that your entire department is inept – then you should be fired; not immediately given a new job with just as much responsibility. That is just plain stupid. The guy couldn’t manage one department, so how come he’s being kept on as a manager? Us footsloggers foul up that badly, we get fired and rightly so. You don’t belong in a job you have proven you can’t do properly. Harsh economic truth from my dog eared copy of ‘Boys own book of Government’ (1956 - Out of Print.)

Health scare latest: The Guardian (Amongst others) is running a story about there being a call for drugs called ‘Statins’ to be given to all ‘Middle aged men and women to reduce heart disease and strokes’. Warning. Before rushing out to belabour your local GP about how to get your dose on the NHS; read this little cautionary note about ‘Statins’ first. This one might prove enlightening too. Oh yes, this one might prove interesting. This web research about the well documented side effects and risks of ‘Statins’ took me less than three minutes. As for the current hoo-hah; it looks like a pharmaceutical companies lobbyists and PR people have really been earning their corn doesn’t it?

Personally I think I’ll settle for everything in moderation. The drugs can stay on the pharmacy shelves until they’re really needed.


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