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Sunday, May 28, 2006


Losing a few inches

One of the things I’ve been up to recently is looking at the state of my waistline. Frankly, whenever I’ve been looking in the mirror recently the words disaster and area pop into my frontal lobes. A distinct paunch has been developing due to all the junk food and crap I’ve been eating when I’ve gotten too bloody lazy to cook for myself.

When it comes to losing weight I’ve tried all the weight loss plans under the sun. High fibre, starvation, vegetarian, the list goes on. Let’s face it, losing those extra piled on pounds is no fun at all. It doesn’t matter that I walk some quite vigorous fifteen miles a day at least, the Bill Sticker tum region has been getting a little out of proportion with the rest of his frame.

When the waistline becomes problematical, the only thing I find which strips the excess flab off is two months of high protein. No starchy stuff, no potatoes in any form, bread a big no-no and no pulses of any sort; only occasional fruit. No sweeties or chocolate (Damn! Curses, curses!) No pizza or pasta (Drat and double drat!). Meat, fish and cheese for the first couple of weeks to acclimatise before adding spinach, broccoli and cauliflower to the mix. Okay, I confess, I’m an ‘Atkins diet’ freak. Despite the odd side effect (Mild halitosis), extra cooking and the monotony of it all (Bacon and eggs every morning can get a bit samey), it works for me. Ah yes, and the added expense of protein and time consuming checking of labels to ensure what you’re buying isn’t loaded with sugars in the form of a preservative.

This means that a majority of supermarket shelving rapidly becomes a no-go area. None of those supremely tasty but very calorie rich ‘convenience’ foods or TV dinners. Nothing canned or bottled. Frozen food has to be checked for additives and preservatives. Even the most mundane stuff is a minefield of sugars, starches and E-numbers. You can get a bit obsessive about it all, but it’s amazing what goes into even the ‘Healthy options’ stuff. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Just remember that ‘Starch’ in all it’s forms, is a complex sugar (Learned that in Junior school – funny what sticks in your head after all these years).

Perhaps that’s what is behind all these obesity stats. All the starchy stuff used as filler in junk food and a lot of prepared meals. You might as well eat raw sugar cane. Tastes great, and there’s the problem, it tastes so good you have to eat more than you should – which is where my problem (And I suspect a good many other people’s problem) lies.

Before I tried the high protein option, I used to exercise three to four times a week at the gym, watch what I ate; did the whole low calorie experience and still couldn’t budge an inch if you know what I mean. Now dropping a waist size takes three to four weeks and I don’t go hungry.

As for cholesterol. Had a test last week and my levels are dropping like a rock. I even feel less 'clogged up'. This is good. Hopefully everyone will be seeing much less of me in the future because there will be less me to see.


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