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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Gadgets & gizmo's

Chez sticker is becoming quite the little technological hothouse right at this moment. The new USB hub means all sorts of little gadgets can be connected and whizzed around. Take for example my venerable Sony Cybershot. Loading pictures via the original RS232 cable and a clunky old piece of software used to take ages and tie up my little network server for twenty to thirty minutes at a time. Last night with the help of a brand new USB 480Mbps card reader, downloading ten pictures took ooh, lemme see now, one minute and thirty seconds, and that was including connecting and disconnecting the card reader. Using a couple of 1Gb memory sticks I backed up a hell of a lot of work ready for burning onto a CD. File transfer rates have gone from a 20kbps pedestrian trudge to a comparative warp speed at 480Mbps. New MP3 player? Just a cheap 512Mb thing from a well known Supermarket chain and one of those thingy’s that you plug into the stone age cassette player in the car. Result; soothing sounds wherever required. All my dull but necessary system administration done in double jig time so I can focus on more important stuff.

Now all this may be old hat to some of you well heeled techy types who have their whole music collection in a wireless connected cube that can get lost in a pocket full of loose change; but my take is that you can only listen to one song at a time. Ninety odd of my favourite tracks will last me all morning with a good three hours of Radio Comedy for the afternoon. Which I feel is time better spent than listening to the odious rantings of certain politicians.

On that subject; what are everyone’s feelings about calling a suicide bombing of any UK politician ‘Morally Justified’ regardless of later retractions? Pardon me, but to me murder is morally unacceptable, no matter what the provocation. Apologists for murders like those on perpetrated in London by homicide bombers on the 7th July 2005 (“7/7” is so melodramatic) should be dealt with quickly so that they might sin no more against the rest of the nation. Call me old fashioned if you like, but pandering to anti western sentiments like this is not constructive. Not that the particular odious politician in question ever seems to do much that is truly constructive. My colleagues, upon hearing what had been said in the GQ interview were quick to opine that said politician was, in the words of one; “A worthless piece of shit.” Others were even less complimentary. Suffice it to say my grasp of Anglo-Saxon derived vitriol has been broadened; and that’s just from a bunch of Parking Enforcers.

That is all I wish to say on the matter. I have new toys to play with and many words to write. Argue amongst yourselves. I may be some time.


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