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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Headlines and red letter days

Posting has been a bit erratic over the past day or so because I’ve had my system stripped down and have been tinkering a little with things like playing with video card settings, upgrading sound cards, RAM and processor. Certain of the new system drivers proved a little erratic, but tweaks have been made and everything now zips along very nicely thank you. There is even debate between Mrs Sticker and myself about installing Skype and a Webcam on our mini network at Chez Sticker. Wireless connections may also be in the mix for later this summer when funds allow.

Big news is another (!) letter from my MP about the Abolition of Parliament Act. Well I can’t say I’m not very pleased indeed. He is strenuously opposing it. Well done that man! I shall be responding in kind (Sometimes an E-mail isn’t enough) on posh paper just to say thank you and keep up the good work. The gist of his letter is that the government have been forced into amending the bill into fast tracking deregulation only. This alters its emphasis into a tool for getting rid of bad legislation quickly, rather than sneaking new stuff in through the back door. The sweeping powers accorded to a Minister of State have been sidelined for the moment; however, the price of freedom being eternal vigilance, monitoring of the situation (And vociferous whinging if Blair and his cohorts try to pull a fast one) from this blog will continue. Please would other bloggers who read this continue the campaign from their end. I won’t be cracking open the champagne just yet, but this is hopeful news.

Another little thing which has twitched my lips into a smile (Although for another reason) is a piece of research about Global Warming. Apparently it is real. This is the real deal; there is such a thing as Global Warming. Now before all you treehuggers go dancing around saying ‘Told you so’ and torching every 4x4 you see, the reason the earth is getting warmer is sunspot activity, which is at an 8000 year high. Nothing to do with us at all (Well, a lot less that you guys have been insisting, even if the researchers put in a lot of ‘We’re not sure but’ statements into their report). The sun is hotter, so the earth gets hotter, and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it apart from break out the factor 50 sun cream and water wings. The Western nations heavy polluters have been in decline since the 1960’s and 70’s, vehicles are much cleaner, so human activity alone cannot be held responsible for the rise in global temperatures. So there. For hard evidence, check out the latest solar weather reports.

The question this raises in my mind is; can we now see a reduction in the so called ‘Green taxes’? Right, thought not. Got to save the NHS by throwing more money at it. (Didn’t someone try that in one 24 hour period back in 1997? Did it work? Do tell.)

Oh well, back to work tomorrow.


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