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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


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I’m flat out busy writing tonight, so this entry will be relatively brief, what with youngest trying out first prom dress as opposed to her usual jeans and T-shirt. It really suits her; with heels on she can look me square in the eyes. Although she’s still quite a tomboy, she looks very pretty indeed. God help the boys. Or rather not; as the family Rottweiller (Me) does not like being woken up to deal with unwanted suitors late at night. I can get terribly cross and very grumpy if I’ve got an early shift in the morning. Grr.

To compensate; here’s how some coppers feel about their job. The “I hate the fact that Tony Blair keeps passing laws that don’t work.” Has particular resonance.

Some comment on the suppression of legitimate protest.

Hat tip to Blues and Two’s and Shh! It’s the filth!

Lennie Briscoe’s thoughts on PCSO’s make for interesting reading as well.

Finally; it turns out all the hoo-hah about the Human Rights Laws and all the bone headed decisions are down to ignorance of the legislation by the Prosecutors and Managers. Provisions exist within the legislation covering those convicted of or committing a criminal offence, but certain people need to raise their game as far as reading skills are concerned.

To quote Lord Falconer:
"How they (Human Rights Laws) have been interpreted over the last few years - particularly by people who have been making decisions, not judges but people with administrative roles in relation to issues like the release of the serial rapist - has given rise to real concern."

The Judiciary is taking the rap because Managers are getting it wrong. Why is this not surprising?

To close: Thank you for all those comments and kind solicitations regarding my domestic difficulties. The Sticker household is now as peaceful as it ever is care of manly shoulders to cry on, a bunch of flowers and a little careful listening. Phew.


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