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Sunday, April 02, 2006


A sad story from the near future

A man is arrested and tried for writing an offensive blog and ‘Incitement’ inder the new terrorism act. The court duly finds him guilty and he is talking to the receiving officer at HMP Blakenhurst as he is being processed.
“I don’t understand!” Wailed the man. “All I did was post a comment about Tony Blair and his government.” He snivelled as the last of his dignity was removed and put in storage until the end of his sentence. “What’s wrong with telling the truth?”
“Telling the truth?” Said the receiving officer. “That’s not what you’re in for.”
“That’s all I did. Now they’ve given me three years under the new terrorism act.”
“That’s not what I’ve got here.” Commented the receiving officer. “What did you really say?”
“I just pointed out that New Labour were a bigger bunch of crooks than the Tories ever were.” Cried the prisoner, helplessly.
“Oh.” Said the prison officer knowingly. “Breaking the official secrets act.”


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