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Sunday, March 19, 2006


When I were a lad…..

I’m just popping my head up over the top of my word processor for a few minutes to make comment on the current political shenanigans. If anyone out there remembers the comic genius of the late Kenny Everett when he was doing the Kenny Everett Television show; I recall a sketch he did, I think it was around the 1983 election; where he portrayed a new political party which went by the acronym B.A.C.K.H.A.N.D.E.R. Their ‘Manifesto’ was actually called a ‘price list’ and their motto something to do with ‘keeping dishonesty honest.’ I only ever saw that sketch once, but it stuck.

Dear cuddly Ken was ahead of his time – or are certain members of the current administration just cribbing from his shows? If so, when do we get to see certain cabinet member doing impersonations (However inadvertently) of some of Kenny’s more popular comic characters? On second thoughts let’s not go there. I just had a nightmare vision of Charles Clarke doing Cupid Stunt.

What I’m driving at is this; if rich people really have been purchasing peerages, I wonder how much an OBE is? I’ve got a piggy bank that’s just about full.

Incidentally; Mrs Sticker has pointed out as only she can, “How can a Political Party pay back ‘loans’ – it’s not as if they make any money in the first place.” Hmm. Answers in a plain brown envelope please (Used tenners only, thank you).


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