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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Health and Safety suggestion

This little article tickled me; where North Wales Police filmed a 22 year old woman driving along the road doing her eye liner. Yes, she was rightly caught and fined for driving without due care and attention. Yet let not the first of us without sin cast the first stone. We all do dumb things from time to time.

To be honest I wasn’t surprised to see the article. People do stupid things every day and live to tell the tale. Trouble is, they kill others in the process. Pedestrians, Cyclists, Motorcyclists and anything else in a fifty metre radius. A motor car to me, much as I admire the styling and engineering, is in some hands no more than a tin box with a wheel at each corner and a faulty nut behind the steering wheel.

Tom Reynolds I know, is going to hate this proposal but here goes; my proposal is this; remove the compulsion for wearing seat belts in the drivers seat of motor cars. Remove airbags and all the other complacency inducing ‘safety’ devices. Replace with a large and very sharp spike in the centre of the steering wheel. Make compulsory organ donor cards part of the British Drivers licence. You die in a collision (As I have posited so many times in the past, there is no such thing as an ‘accident’) you get broken down for spares to fix all the other poor buggers who get hurt by your foolishness.

If nothing else the threat of causing their own demise might encourage people to be a bit more careful. Maybe they would learn to drive more defensively if they were more likely to kill themselves than other people. On the other hand it probably wouldn’t. Stupidity brought on by complacency seems to be endemic in Britain at present. To reduce the amount of complacency, we need to stop passing laws to protect the stupid from the consequences of their own deeds. Harsh lessons have to be learned, if necessary, by death. Unpalatable as this might seem, perhaps such an approach might prove beneficial in the long term. To quote Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle ‘Think of it as Evolution in action’.


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