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Monday, March 27, 2006


Repeat offender

It never ceases to astound me when certain drivers completely ignore the parking rules, despite getting repeatedly caught doing so. Like today, I booked a green Renault without a badge, permit or whatever in a residents bay. Being possessed of a reasonable memory for this sort of thing, I backtracked through my note book to the previous week. Sure enough, there he was, booked less than a hundred yards away on my last sojourn along this beat. A further backtrack to two weeks before showed him up yet again.

Once upon a time I would have thought “Doesn’t this idiot learn?” Nowadays I just shrug my shoulders and book ‘em. Sooner or later the message gets home. At lunchtime in the mess, I raised the subject with a couple of my regular oppo’s and after a quick check we all found we’d booked the same car twice, or even three times each in the last month. Now that’s a lot of parking tickets. Further comparisons with some of the other guys revealed a similar pattern. It worked out that this one vehicle had been caught breaking the parking rules almost once a day for the past four weeks.

I don’t get it. This guy has been booked in the same street, the same parking space even, and doesn’t seem to have cottoned on that he needs a residents permit, despite the fact that the whole bloody area is plastered with “2 hours Limited Waiting – No return for 4 Hours or Residents permits only” limited waiting signs. The residents with permits have been bitching about ‘outsiders’ nicking their parking spaces to Management, who in their turn give us grief about covering these streets with extra patrols, even when we have more traffic critical areas to take care of. No one in the street knows who owns the car, just that it turns up most mornings. Daft sod.


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