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Thursday, November 03, 2005


More about Copyright on a blustery day

After my little polemic on breach of copyright, one newspaper has given an example of what actually constitutes ‘fair use’ of copyright material. Now it surprised me more than a little, as the publication in question is not usually reputed to have that good a reputation on this score. A tabloid giving lessons to more ‘upmarket’ dailies on what constitutes ‘fair use’? Has the world gone stark staring bonkers?

All I have to say to them is this; thank you for the mention guys. Which publication? Sorry, didn’t I mention? Would you believe one of the ‘Red Top tabloids’ – to wit the super soaraway Sun? Lectrice (Not Letrice, Corinne please.) of the blackboard Jungle, my old mate Lennie Briscoe the Criminal Solicitors blog and blogging newcomer Polly Pharmacy from the NHS confessional also got covered. Now they'll be blogrolled too.

For my reaction, rearrange the following words into a well known saying: Feather a knock me with well down.

All this excitement after a day full of hats being blown off in the wind and sudden showers that almost catch you out in the open. I must have spent half this morning standing under trees getting covered in leaves. Better than getting soaked I suppose. Saw a couple of kids sticking leaflets under car windscreen wipers, too far away to shout at. By the time they’d gotten to the end of one street, eighty percent of their leaflets were doing a Bob Dylan (Blowing in the wind). Who said it pays to advertise?

That’s enough from me; I’m off for a lie down in a darkened room. Maybe a long soak in the bath. My feet ache.


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