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Friday, October 14, 2005


Tiiiiiiimmmmmmmeeee OUT!

My first long weekend in months. One of the problems of our shift system is the way, as I’ve probably observed before, it messes with your time sense. When it comes down to writing, which you need a reasonable routine for; this is not an ideal situation. However, I’ve managed to maintain an output of 1000 words a day on my manuscript as my minimum, on top of keeping hold of the job, keeping wife, kids and insane dog reasonably quiet, whilst still being able to research and keep the blog going.

Not watching more than five minutes TV a day helps. To be honest, I can’t really recall the last programme I actually sat down and really watched. At this point, my mind is always drawn to a statement an old ex Maths teacher friend of mine, who once told me he knew who his under achievers were going to be, as their houses all had satellite dishes. Interesting statement that, and one I seem to find ever more sympathy with. Despite calls from my family to have a satellite subscription, I decided to say no as from what my friends tell me, its all much of a muchness. So we just have the basic terrestrial service and a social life.

At this juncture memory dredges up the oddest things. Back in the days of UK 405 line black and white TV in the UK there was a film broadcast from the late 1950’s, / early 1960’s starring Stanley Holloway. To the best of my recollection, Stanley played the part of a man who was persuaded by Satan to have a television, one of the first in his street, in his home. The outcome of the play was that the one time thriving community spirit in the fictitious street collapsed as people simply crawled indoors at the end of the day and sat, hypnotised by the flickering grey world in the corner of their living rooms.

One quick Google later I find the source of my rather hazy childhood memory - ‘Meet Mr Lucifer’ made in 1953. The review differs from my recollection, but I was only a child when I recall it being screened in the late 1960’s. The arguments about child development and television are extremely well documented; just follow the links from the Universities of Oregon and Aberystwyth. Not forgetting the very worthwhile ‘Social affairs unit’ website.

This will be my last entry for a few days as I’m going to concentrate on the book a bit more. First three chapter MSS samples go out today to publishers who have shown an interest, but I’m rather concerned about putting anything on-line prior to publication (If it happens) because of the issues of plagiarism by mainstream media publications highlighted recently.


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