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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


What’s in a domain?

After a long day on foot, it’s rather nice to just sit down and write. One of the other quite narcissistic things I do is have a run through my ‘visitors log’ which tells me where someone linked from to get to this blog, who their service provider is, IP address, usual stuff.

For example, there’s a fair bit of traffic that comes from ISP servers based in Lambeth. One visitor today actually tracked back from the Houses of Parliament Domain. The guys from the revenue via Harrogate paid me a call, not on a professional basis I hope. Loads of traffic via Dave Copperfields blog (Cheers Dave), Argos_Employee (Likewise Dark Forces) and visits from The Muppetlord and a few other blogging friends.

To be honest, I find certain Domain names rather comforting and even try to put bloggers names to them. Like I’m pretty sure James up at Edinburgh University paid this blog a visit today. Not sure who the guys at Salford, Nottingham Kent or Cranfield are though. Down under there’s Dodderyoldfart from North Island New Zealand who wanders my way via and Antikva from Sydney, New South Wales. Over in the good old US of A Simon from Wisconsin and a whole host of others dropped by. Howdy folks.

A couple of new visitors came from Mick Photoman (Bradford) and Samantha Burns (British Columbia, Canada). I’ll get round to blogrolling them in the next day or so.

If you really want to the tools are readily available to track visitors right back to individual firewalls and machines, but that’s not the point.

What the hell, it’s been a nice day overall with no real aggravation to unload and I’m actually feeling quite mellow; so I’m off to get a glass of red and drink a toast to all my visitors – whoever and wherever you are.


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