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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Bloody hell it’s Sunday!

Working odd shifts is a guaranteed way to lose track of time. Of course you’re vaguely aware of others work patterns but somehow when you’re too busy the days tend to blur into one another.

I’ve just been checking Ceefax (Yes, I am that sad and old fashioned) and suddenly woken up to the fact that it is Sunday. Holy Shit! As the Popes new plumber said while clearing the Vatican drains.

WTF happened to Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday?

I need some leave.

On a lighter note, St Kilda’s wild sheep are in the Scotsman under one of those quirky little stories that gets around every so often. Apparently these are the chavs of the ovine world, always fighting, would shag a frog if it stopped hopping long enough. All this without alcohol. So if binge drinking isn’t the real problem – what is? Why was John Reid the Defence Secretary the quoted spokesman? Is the NAAFI about get a rude awakening?

Oh, one last thing; guess who else is in the news again? Smoke? Fire? Oh to hell with it – draw your own conclusions. I'm off to have a bath.


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