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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Breach of copyright.

Dave Copperfield of the Policeman’s Blog has recently fallen victim to members of the Mainstream Media. In short, Dave’s words were transplanted into an article without being attributed as a source, and without his permission; from what I can see this appears to be a clear breach of copyright, or at the very least ‘passing off’ or plagiarism. The offenders know who they are.

For any bloggers who are worried about this subject may I recommend two publications to you; The first is;
‘Writers and Artists yearbook 2005’ (A.C.Black) ISBN 0-7136-6936-5
and the other;
‘The Writers Handbook 2005’ (Macmillan) ISBN 1-4050-4153-6.
Both of these publications have very worthwhile segments on the principles and application of the law of copyright.

At the very least you should include a short statement of copyright on your blog, say, like ©Bill Sticker 2005. To be additionally secure you might include the phrase “The right of (Yourblognamehere) to be identified as the author of this work has been asserted in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents act 1988” in the page footer.

Remember this, no one is allowed to copy your work without permission and copy or ‘pass off’ the article / story / book / music as their own work. You can sue them for this. Is there a copyright lawyer on the blog?


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