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Friday, September 09, 2005


Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible

This is a service announcement. Due to unforeseen non-work related commitments like having to deliver a full length MSS to publishers in the near future, posting to this blog will become increasingly sporadic and erratic until late October 2005. We apologise for any inconvenience / distress / depression / fugues / hilarity etc this may cause visitors to this site and assure you that I will be back from time to time to have a rabid rant about something or other, whatever takes my fancy.

Answers to FAQ about MSS:

No, the story is nothing whatsoever to do with Traffic Wardens or parking restrictions of any kind, so don’t ask.
Yes, it is being written under my real name.
No, I haven’t got time to tell you what the MSS is about.
Yes, I’ve always written but I’ve only been a Parking Enforcement
Officer for the last eighteen months.
No, it isn’t definitely going to be published; just getting a publisher to look at it is an achievement in itself.


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