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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Socialists, Communists & work; A Comment

It has always puzzled me why there is a political party called the Socialist Workers Party or an organisation called ‘Communist Workers’. Every single one I’ve ever met has been an idle sod who (More often than not) needs to be carried by the rest of the workforce, not a 'Worker' by any stretch of the imagination. Nor do these people have any real claim to represent the real working man / woman.

The only ‘work’ these characters appear to do is gossip, whinge, whine and bitch about everyone and anything. Like a mardy teenager, they bang on about how everything that doesn’t fit in with their very narrow world view as ‘unfair’. They’ll do anything apart from the job they’re hired to do and it all ends up being dumped on the rest of the workforce. Ergo, this is one wage slave who is unimpressed with both them and their philosophies.

Yes, I know, we’ve just had one of them start (Management must have been desperate to hire him.) on our shift rota, and he’s a right republican pain in the haemorrhoids. Probably end up as a Supervisor. Twat.

Socialism is a crap idea anyway. It does exactly what unfettered anything does, which is concentrate power in one place, making it hard for the rest of us to raise ourselves by our own efforts. Then socialist and / or communist bureaucracy tries to hammer square pegs into round holes, often ending in the destruction of the very people that they claim to support. The most damning critique I ever heard of it was put succinctly in a BBC (Of all places) Radio Comedy, ‘Old Harry’s Game’ written by Andy Hamilton.

Let me enlighten you; The whole comedy is set in Hell with three main characters. Satan, the Professor, and Thomas. In the episode I’m thinking about, the Professor is trying to use his time of eternal damnation writing the definitive History of Humanity. Satan keeps him supplied with characters from history to ‘assist’ (Sabotage) his efforts. The particular quote I was laughing at was when the Professor is interviewing Karl Marx, who is informed by Satan what happened in Soviet Russia where Socialist doctrine as expounded in ‘Das Kapital’ was applied.
SatanEveryone decided, after seventy years of grinding misery, that socialism was a crap idea so they dropped it.”
Karl MarxThey decided… it vas a crap idea?”
ProfessorKarl, are you all right Karl? Oh dear, I think he’s gone into shock.”

The resultant scene in which Karl Marx beats the bejasus out of Josef Stalin never fails to crease me up completely.

Andy also wrote a cracking episode where a suicide bomber ends up in Hell and is tormented by being informed that the ‘Great leader’ for whom he detonated a truck full of explosives, talked, in the dead suicide bombers own words “A load of bollocks”.

It’s just such a pity the whole series isn’t available on tape or CD. There are three tape sets available, but not the whole lot.

The reds of whatever shade just want to push the current establishment to the sidelines so they can get into power and do to Europe what the Bolsheviks did for Russia. A plain case of “Here comes the new boss, same as the old boss.” QED.

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