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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Am I doing an unconstitutional Job?

Am currently following the blog of ‘Metric Martyr’ campaigner Neil Herron with extreme interest. Neil and his fellow campaigners have unearthed a piece of legal documentation that says that it may be unlawful and against the spirit of the 1689 Bill of Rights to issue Parking Tickets, because the Bill of Rights specifically says that no one may be imprisoned or fined without recourse to a court of law. The kicker here is that no one is sure if NPAS counts as a properly constituted court of law. Since the 1689 act is a piece of ‘constitutional’ legislation, which has never been repealed, as such it appears to have precedence over other acts. Now that will keep a few lawyers off the dole queue and no mistake.

My, isn’t this interesting? So if this is the case then any local authority which causes to issue what our friends in blue call a ‘Fixed Whizzer’ might be in for a bit of a sweaty time if such a legal challenge were upheld. They might end up having to repay all the fines. OO-er, up goes the Council Tax bill.

For those of you who are interested, these guys have put together some very swish flowcharts and tools, which may prove useful if you have been the victim of me or one of my contemporaries. Unconstitutional? Has oo been a naughty Mr Sticker den?

Think I'd better tune up my resume, pronto.


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