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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Visitors from afar

I’ve just spent a highly interesting hour running through my ‘Net statistics. Isn’t the Internet such a wide-open and interesting place, populated by so many diverse and fascinating humans? Well I would say that about all my visitors wouldn’t I?

When I started this blog in January as a bit of a brain dump so I could get things off my proverbial chest after a working day on the streets, I didn’t realise people from as far afield as the other side of the damn planet (Big hi to whoever’s service provider is by the way.) or even the Russian Federation would be dropping by to read my fevered blatherings. Not to mention all you folks over in the good old US of A and Canada. Add to that France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal and the Czech republic. Wow, I’m seriously impressed. That doesn’t even take into account all you English, Scots, Welsh and Irish who drop by from time to time.

A big and hearty ‘Walking the Streets’ welcome is extended to all of you. Fancy a one to one chat, or have a specific point to discuss? Click on the ‘Parking advice by e-mail’ link and delete the header on the address to get in touch.




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