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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Nice Doily dear…

I’ve been trying to think of cheerful things to blog about today. Well it’s been very warm and sunny, I’ve been sweating me cobs orf. Oh yes, and between chasing ignorant bleeders off restrictions I’ve found time to watch the girls, or mobile scenery, as I like to think of them.

When I say girls, I mean those in the age range 17 to 27 who keep themselves in reasonable physical condition and don’t;

1. Have their underwear (Thongs) showing from under their jeans.
2. Have a rumple of excess flesh showing over low-slung waists

One thing I have noticed is the increasing amount of this age group wearing Mums old lace edged tablecloth as a wraparound skirt. Looks rather stylish and gives a wild Romany air to the wearer, not quite so much fun to look at as those white flouncy cheesecloth things which cover the legs and show everyone what size pants they are wearing though.

Lost two tickets today because I got distracted. Life is so unfair, not.


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