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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Now here's a thing.....

We’ve all heard about pseudoscientific pundits who rattle on about how things like reflex aromatherapy are the cure for all our ills then fail to turn up hard evidence. I came across this little gadget and thought I’d do a bit of chasing down, just to see if the claims had any vestige of veracity.

All I came up with was a series of brain achingly long reports that left me more confused than when I started. So I thought I’d pose a question in a simple form that even I can understand.

My understanding of the schoolboy physics of the situation are as follows; all visible and invisible wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, from low wavelength (Sound) via Radio & Microwaves through visible light to the High Gamma and X-ray frequencies, at various dosage levels can cause changes, which can be interpreted as harmful. At 7-13 cycles per second, past a certain amplitude, nausea and vomiting can be induced, which, if the amplitude is increased, can result in long-term tissue damage and eventually death. Beyond this frequency range, the effects appear not quite so acute. In the infrared and ultra violet ends of the visible spectrum, overdoses of electromagnetic radiation (Light) can, above a certain amplitude or dosage cause cellular damage such as sunburn, skin cancer etc. Gamma and X-Rays above a particular dosage are downright harmful to unprotected organic tissue.

We live in an age of ever increasing radio energy levels. WiFi, Mobile Signals, DECT bases, Tetra transmitters, Electromagnetic fields from power transmission cables. I wander around in my own personal radio energy hot spot of two mobile phones and a two-way radio. Working on the premise that everything has an ‘overdose’ level; at what energy amplitudes do radio frequencies become harmful, and to what degree?

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