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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Tell me again - how will it help?

If you believe the powers that be; ID cards will prevent terrorism, cut organised crime, stop benefit fraud, prevent illegal immigration, relieve bad breath, sexually transmitted diseases and athletes foot.

Er…. Who else, apart from Mrs Sticker and I, believe that the above is all utter bollocks?

The government, in clear breach of the data protection act, is already talking about selling ID cardholders information to commercial enterprises to fund this nonsense.

All I’ve got to say on the subject is this. Come on. Own up all you new labour voters. Put your hands up and repeat after me;
“I’m truly sorry I voted new labour, this is all my fault and I’m very, very sorry to the rest of the people of England. As an act of contrition I will write to Tony Blair and tell him it’s a really bad idea, even though my letter will be totally ignored because he doesn’t really care about the voters at all.”
Did you say it out loud? Did you mean it? Promise? Well all right then. I’ll believe you just this once. Next time you will get a Penalty Charge Notice for believing a dishonest, self-serving egotist of a greasy lawyer.

Seriously guys; anyone who believes that ID cards are a good idea needs their head read. In IT terms it’s a disaster waiting to happen. For the money wasting bureaucrats it's a dream come true. For the rest of us a nightmare.


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