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Monday, June 13, 2005


You know…….When you’ve been Quangoed.

Just been having a nose through the news in the Scotsman (See title link), which I’ve generally found to be more impartial than many other news sources (The BBC, or any Murdoch owned news company). Whilst doing so, I came across this article about the state of Quango’s (QUasi-Autonomous National Governmental Associations) in Scotland and the huge amounts of money paid to members for as little as two to three days work a month.

I have several questions;
Why do we need these people?
Why do some of them need to be paid more than the Prime Minister for less than three days work a week?
Would we notice if they simply ceased to exist?

My answers are in order;
We don’t really need them – their ‘jobs’ are little more than sinecures.
They don’t need to be paid that much – Especially taxpayers money.
Not really.
My personal view; Too much public bread is used to soak up these particular gravy trains.

My very last question; Could I please be included on the next Quango to appraise the state of UK Parking Restrictions and enforcement, pretty please with sugar on it. Please. I promise I’ll be good. Please.


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