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Friday, June 17, 2005


Public Transport pontificating

I’m often baffled by the complete lack of imagination shown by the powers that be when it comes down to public transport. No one (Of my acquaintance) really likes travelling on the current modes of public transport currently available; e.g. Trains, Trams and Buses. Okay some of the more centralist minded might say – use a taxi. Hmm. Doesn’t exactly address the core issues of limited road space though does it?

Taking a leaf out of Mrs Stickers notebook I elected to compile a brief list of why public transport is so unpopular.

  • Using public transport means being crammed in with strangers whose personal habits may not be to your overall approval.
  • Using public transport means not being able to get on a public transport system and go from work to home in one journey without changing vehicles or a significant (Over 400m) walk at either end.
  • Using public transport means having to suffer the slings and arrows of other peoples work issues (Industrial action, driver being ill; mechanical breakdown)

Your own car / motorcycle etc means;

    • Personal space / privacy
    • End to end journey convenience & flexibility
    • Reliability (Depending upon your vehicles state of repair)
    • Safety (Dependant upon drivers ability)

Question: what do we really want and need from public transport that buses, trains and trams can never give us?
Answer: Personal space, safety, convenience and reliability.

Logic dictates that another means of transport must be developed to provide another layer of transport infrastructure. A means that does provide the passenger with the three main points outlined above. A means that does not need much human supervision / intervention during it’s operating cycle apart from the instruction “I want to go there”.

Any thoughts?


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